How to Teach Chrome New Search Skills

  1. Find the site you want to search
  2. Use that site’s built-in search and copy the results URL
  3. Look for something like search=something or q=something in the URL
  4. Replace that bit with %s
  5. Go to Chrome’s settings
  6. Click on “Search engine”
  7. Click on “Manage search engines”
  8. Click on “Add”
  9. Type in the name for your “search engine” – this name will appear in the URL bar when you type your keyword (next step) and hit the tab key
  10. Create a keyword that will trigger your custom search engine
  11. Paste in the URL from steps 2–4, making sure that you’ve replaced the search term (“something” in the example) with %s
  12. Test it out!

To test it out, type in your search engine’s keyword into the Omnibox, hit the tab key, and you should see something like “Search <Your Search Engine>” displayed. Now you can type in the thing you want to search for on just that specific site and when you hit enter, you’ll be taken directly to that site’s search results.

By the way, you can also modify any of the search engines that are already present, changing their “Search engine” name, “Keyword,” or “Query URL” to whatever works best for you. Or removing them to cut down on all the clutter.

Cheers! 🍻

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